INDIA belongs to me…

The second day of October, twenty-seventeen. The auspicious eve of Gandhi Jayanti, one of the national holidays we Indians are blessed with. Definitely it does make an auspicious eve, not to be mistaken because of the birth of a great martyr this day; but because people from all over the country, be it a banker, be it a school teacher or be it students like us, gets the privilege of some additional hours of sleep, quality time with the family, catching up with a new released movie or maybe just lazing in front of the television. That is exactly what a national holiday has meant for us since years and now. And as I go on jotting down my lines, you will find more on the go. No matter how patriotic we pretend to be in front of the society, at the core of our hearts, we have always defined such national holidays as another day to spend with ease in our cozy homes.

We envisage national holiday as a day to step down from our beds a little late, having a refreshing shower followed by numerous delicious cuisines straight from the kitchen. And accidentally, if we land up with our loaded plates in front of the television, we find it flooded with channels telecasting patriotic movies the entire day. Watching one of which, we go close to goosebumps, our blood goes up and at that moment of exhilaration, we pledge to ourselves that from then on we would transform ourselves into a responsible citizen of the nation and start behaving like one. With such high spirits, our picture perfect day comes to an end and we close our eyes with an ear-to-ear smile on our faces. So this was just an exemplification of how national holidays are celebrated in India.

Now, coming back to the second day of October, twenty-seventeen. Just like any regular denizen of India, I sat on my living room’s sofa with a plateful of edible stuff in one hand and the television remote on the other. Discarding channel after channel for a long while, I ended up with a news channel. Honourable Prime MinisterMr Narendra Damodardas Modi was on AIR and he was there to initiate “SWACHH BHARAT” campaign. Now that was something I found truly catchy and delightful after a tiring deal of changing channels.

Envision our country as a sphere which has been exposed to light of some sort. The part of the sphere which has access to light looks all bright and glowing. But what about the other half? It remains all dark and dull. And it is a very usual human tendency to pay attention to something that is under the spotlight. The rest is just trash. The same goes for Mother India.

We have proudly flaunted placards of “Incredible India”, “Proud to be an Indian” and several other kinds of stuff throughout our lives. But we Indians are too busy-a-person to realize that if India is truly an incredible nation, then why is it still counted as a developing nation and not a developed one. If we Indians are genuinely proud to be an Indian, then why do we migrate to another country in such huge masses every year? Better living conditions, heavy pay cheques, and a promising future is all that we want. Right? And then someday we are found sitting in our armchairs and mourning over the deplorable condition of the country. Is that what we call patriotism? Or is that what we call avoidance? Avoidance towards our own responsibilities, own duties.

It is very easy to curse the administration for jeopardizing the nation. But it is way too tough to recognize our individual duty towards our country and take it up with pride.Until and unless we do not stand up for our duties just as we stand up for our rights, it would be preposterous to hold someone else responsible for whatever is going on. Because in my view, just feeling for the nation is not enough; a sense of belongingness is required. Just like we take care of our properties, be it a small safety pin or be it an airplane, we handle it with great care. In the same way, if we start handling Mother India with care, she would become a wonderful sight to see. And yes, this article is not going to compel you to take up your duties and start working on it.

As a wise man has said, “Do it with pride, not compulsion”. We can always find someone in our locality or even at our homes for that matter, who wipes his car every day, makes it spik and span, and then drives it with pride. Would it be a great deal if we start making the same things go for our country too? If each one of us starts doing what is the need of the hour, then definitely a day would come when our pride for being an Indian will show on our faces and we would not need any sort of placard to express this anymore. Gradually when a work is done with pride and excellence, perfection follows. If one single man can take up the initiative to “SWACHH BHARAT” campaign, why cannot we just contribute by doing the needful?

Will it need a great deal of audacity to preserve and care for our own nation and its priceless heritage? All it needs is a great willpower. The day each one of us starts building up this willpower within ourselves, it shall turn out to be a landmark in Indian history. And not to forget, when we pour in our hearts for the accomplishment of a particular goal, then both perfection and success are achieved.

Even if it is a small task of collecting litters from the ground and putting it into the dustbin, if we do even that wholeheartedly, it would be counted as our part of contribution towards “SWACHH BHARAT” campaign. And the day we learn to do the smallest of small tasks with our dedicated mind, body, heart, and soul, the sloka from the pious GEETA “Yogah Karmashu Kaushalam” shall turn out to be implemented completely into our lives. And somewhere up above, the Almighty shall be smiling, looking at the efficient utilization of The GEETA. To start with, for all this, we need to be sensible enough to consider India as our own property, our own possession rather than just a country on the globe which provides us our nationality.

So if you really desire to match up to the true definition of a patriot, if you wish to stand up to the true meanings of patriotism, move ahead and say aloud with your heads held high, “INDIA BELONGS TO ME”.

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