DECK; 52 card standard pack.

CARD COUNT; K,Q,J,10 count 10, and 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 count face value, A counts 1.

THE DEAL; Each player gets 4 cards, dealt face down. One card is dealt face up to start the discard pile.

THE PLAY; Before play starts each player gets to look at 2 of his own cards. He only gets this one look at only 2 of his cards. The play starts with the eldest hand. Each player in turn may draw the top card from the stock, or discard pile.
He then may look at the card he drew. If he thinks it is lower than one of his four cards, he may replace one of his 4 cards with the card drawn (without looking at the face value of the card he's going to replace), keeping it face down in place of the card replaced. He must then discard the card drawn, or the replaced card, ending his turn. If the player replaces a card, he may only look at the card's value after he's replaced it and it's too late to change his mind. If the player discarded a good card (say an A), the next person may take that card off the top of the discard pile. Only the top card can be removed from the discard pile.
The trick is to remember which card you have in which spot and to try not to discard any low cards.

GOING OUT; Any time a player wants to end play he can, by knocking once on the table, during his turn. After a player knocks each other player gets one more turn, and play ends. If the person who knocked does not have the lowest score, his score is doubled.

SCORING; At the end of play the count of each players 4 cards is tallied, and the lowest score wins. Or you can play to a certain number (ex. 500, decided before the game begins), the last person to reach the number wins.


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