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Tips to extend your beloved car’s lifeline

A car is man’s most prized possession and it is apparently it is justified to value it to the core. A wagon also ought to be something you totally depend upon. In fact, these days, people take longer to trade their vehicles in or upgrade it, owing to the car loans with longer payment plans. Thus, it is highly essential to maintain your sedan properly so that it will last longer without needing frequent repairs.

Following are a few simple tips and tricks that can help you extend your vehicle’s life:

1. Keep a check for minor repairs consistently:

At times, you might notice your car is pulling to one side or observe a slight humming while turning on the air conditioner. These teeny tiny negligible issues can burgeon into something catastrophic if left unattended. Look at these issues at your earliest possible convenience in order to prevent bigger and costlier damage to your wagon.

car oil change

2. Keep track of timely oil changes:

Oil forms an integral part of the engine and is quite essential for the proper functioning of the engine. When the oil levels are low in the engine or the oil has turned old or grimy, there are chances of additional friction between the movable parts. Eventually, this would cause wear and tear on the engine. Ensure that you change the oil regularly or according to the schedule recommended by your mechanic or the manual. Usual span should be every 300 to 5000 miles.

3. Make it a routine to check the rest of your fluids too:

If you believe that oil is the only fluid that optimizes your car’s performance, think again! There are a lot of other fluids that your vehicle relies on and that actually makes it perform in the most optimal way. There is transmission fluid, power steering fluid and coolant mixed in the appropriate proportion. You need to consult a certified mechanic to know the usage of these fluids and top it off timely.

4.Change the air filters constantly:

The air filters should ideally be replaced after every 12000 miles. Apparently, dust gets accumulated in the air filter after a certain period of time. This negatively affects the gas mileage and engine performance.

tire pressure checking

5. Never neglect the tire pressure:

Tires that are inflated 5 PSI to the recommended pressure levels are believed to improvise the gas mileage and general handling of your vehicle.

6. Keep it clean:

Ensuring that your car is all spick and span all the time and not allowing dust and grime to accumulate on the car’s surface can be very helpful in the long run. Wash and wax your car on a regular basis. Also, try avoiding issues like cracked leather or scratched dashes to creep up in the future.

7. Above all, drive responsibly:

The mind-blowing stunts in movies might get you that adrenaline rush and you may wish to do the same on the roads someday; but in reality, abstain from this desire of yours. You are expected to be a responsible citizen of the society and you shouldn’t try something that proves to be risky for you and everyone around you at the end.

So go ahead, be responsible and relish your amazing wagon!

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